2 chocolate balls in Buenos Aires

Here some pictures of Maria´s visit to share with you.
1. Making breakfast at home.  Camilla, can you see your horse hanging up on the back?
2. Saturday in Tigre - River channel
3. Saturday in Tigre - Choosing a piece of argentine barbecue - My brother, Giordy and Maria.
4. Saturday in Tigre - Rivel Channel
5. Saturday in Tigre - Nice dock


Camilla Engman said...

It looks fantastic. Not at all as I would imagine. I can see the fat horse :)

tima no mundo said...

I've loved this place and we've had a great time there...

Anna said...

Ok, it's decided. 2012 reunion in Vermont, 2013 reunion in BA!! It looks so beautiful and I love getting a peek at your house and seeing Maria and, of course,the famous NICOLAAAAAAAAAS!

So much love,

Angela M. Corti said...

:-) :-) :-)

YEAH! OF COURSE!! It would be such a pleasure to have you all here!! I think we can arrange a reunion per year per each place where we all live, so we can assure like 12 years of vacations together ;)