so far so close


Thank you, thank you for these lovely surprises! This weekend I've met Maria (finaly), she told me all the wonderful adventures in Vermont and I had my own private Art Barn.


Soy una artista

Last weekend I visited my eldest daughter in Sevilla, Spain. In a vintage shop I found this broche made by el dardo en la diana. It sounded kind of familiar to me. People thinking they can ask you anything; "As you are so creative, do you think you could make me ...". Apart from this nice finding( can you say that?) Sevilla was very much worth the visit. Orange trees everywhere and still warm and sunny!


I don't know if it's the freezing cold setting in or the feeling of wanting to tuck myself up into a little corner and be quiet, but at this time of year I like hiding. Whether it's under my duvet, inside my big sheepskin coat or in a cafe with a big cup of coffee and lemon meringue pie.

I think you will like
Emily Speed, girls. 'Make Shift' for Yorkshire Sculpture Park.




I've started work in that book I bought in the museum in Goteberg. More images here
Note, the postcard and pages cut from the Swedish book Camilla gave us.
The inspiration from this trip still goes on and on!


girls, I think you'll love this blog as much I do. Another flea addicted! The curious eye, from JOSH VAN GELDER and GRAHAM HOLLICK,


Playing with Morran


Messing around in the sketchbook with ideas for THE MORRAN Book
...not quite there yet
..i'm hoping to capture the Zen like way the little dog has united so many
..gulp! (or might end up just being silly!)

and a slow start for the naked snail idea maggie. x


Morran book

Hello, lovely ladies! If you have the time - please do a picture to the Morran book! It doesn't have to be a portrait, as long as the mainsubject IS Morran (like yourself thinking or Morran... ...Morran text...something that Morran would like and so on). Here is a little more information.



Hello ladies, I wanted to share with you that last week I had received a mail from Premio Itaú Cultural, which is an award for Visual Arts where I had participate last year with my book,  to encourage me and 100 other artists to register to the current edition of the Itaú Cultural Award for Visual Arts. The reason for that was that my book reached the final stage of selection (over 1756 registered works) and was evaluated by the whole Jury of Selection and Awards, getting a good score although this did not prove enough to join the group of only 26 finalists. This mail made me very happy, and of course made me start working on a new project to present this year.
Here is the one I am preparing, it is not a book this time. I am working on a music sheet, playing with morphology and "rithm". I will soon post the final project.
Hope you like it :)


A Slovenian and a Brit in Venice






And above are all the chocolate balls, plus a few friends!

A great time by 2 of the chocolate balls at la biennale.
More Art photos here and pretty Venice ones here.