Hello ladies, I wanted to share with you that last week I had received a mail from Premio Itaú Cultural, which is an award for Visual Arts where I had participate last year with my book,  to encourage me and 100 other artists to register to the current edition of the Itaú Cultural Award for Visual Arts. The reason for that was that my book reached the final stage of selection (over 1756 registered works) and was evaluated by the whole Jury of Selection and Awards, getting a good score although this did not prove enough to join the group of only 26 finalists. This mail made me very happy, and of course made me start working on a new project to present this year.
Here is the one I am preparing, it is not a book this time. I am working on a music sheet, playing with morphology and "rithm". I will soon post the final project.
Hope you like it :)


amy j rowan said...

This is not just beautiful but brilliant too! Go Angela!

Anna said...

Oh, it is wonderful -- love it Angela! And congratulations, sweet lady! xoxo

Camilla Engman said...

That is so nice, Angela!


Thank you girls :)