this is my desktop. Sometimes I feel like I'm rowing, rowing...

when I get tired, I like to dive into this amazing blog. It looks like my mind's map: there I can find everything I think is beautiful and akward.

and talking about this, I'm completely mad about mapping. I recently discoverd Pinterest, a great way to organize, catalog and share the findings in this endless sea of Internet. Here are my collection that I've just started.

one of these days I saw a friend working in a mind mapping program. There you go putting ideas and forming connections between them. The program will construct a graph of thoughts. It looks amazing. I've just pressed the download button!



Anna said...

Am going to go and check out your links now, but have to say first how in love with your desktop I am.

Where is this image from? So stunning.

Camilla, it reminds me of some of your paintings...


Thank you for sharing with us, dear Elisa.


Anna said...

ps. My word verification thingie was "chadorr", so like "chador." Interesting. Fitting?