Hello lovelies! Sorry I've been quiet, I'm currently moving into my new house and making lots of new plans for work, I'm still full of creative beans after our trip! I promise to spend a whole day reading about all of your new adventures, providing internet gets set up quickly in my new home. Hopefully I'll be able to show you some pictures once I'm settled in, although It doesn't sound any where near as exciting as Anna's barn!

In the mean time I've been doing some work for my boyfriend's band. It's been taking over my life a little too and has involved lots of screen printing! I think you will all really like them, you can listen to them here.

Missing you all!



Anna said...

Oh, Rosie, I love the screenprint! Am going to go and listen now :)

Good luck with the move - so happy you'll be able to settle in. Can you send me your address? I have those prints for you!


Jane Cabrera said...

Lovely Rosie, your covers are wonderful...Did they make it to Greenman? I did vote!
I also need your address to post your book and towel. Glad you're back online. And wishing heaps of happiness for your new home. x

Angela M. Corti said...

Rossie this is sooo nice!! I also heard the band and I really liked it!! Good luck with your new home!